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Welcome to
Purple Door Pilates.

A Pilates home for clients and instructors to establish their practice and participate in a nurturing and collaborative community.

A note from the owner: "I opened the Johnson St studio with a value in mind- for our clients to know the wonder and efficacy of classical Pilates; while enjoying the inclusivity and creativity of moving and playing outside of that structure." 

At Purple Door Pilates, teachers and students work in collaboration. We are instructing a strength-based practice that increases agility and endurance. We are here to celebrate what your body can do and support your structure using targeted results-oriented programming. Purple Door Pilates continues to innovate, and continuing education is requisite for our team. Together we build upward and do our part to dispel the narrative of the body losing capability with each passing year. Pilates is a non-impact exercise; it can support the healing and strengthening of our bodies in any age or condition; we train elite athletes and can easily honor all limitations. 


A note from Clara, Lo, Natalie, Caroline, and Zoey:

We can't wait to meet you!


Our mission is to teach the Pilates method in a way that is fun and fulfilling.


What People Say

We strive to make our facility a friendly and accessible space for all.  We are working to improve formats of communication and class access.  Our studio prioritizes inclusion and safety. If you have any concerns, please contact us so we can work together to identify and create solutions.  

Our studio is located on the first floor of an older building. If you are a wheelchair user, please contact us so that we can accommodate your needs. 

If you know of or offer any services that can help us improve, please let us know. 

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