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Inclusive Madison Pilates Classes

We don't believe there is such a thing as a Pilates body. Our mission is to teach the Pilates method in a way that is fun and fulfilling.

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Behind the Purple Door

About Purple Door Pilates

A woman-owned, local Pilates studio on the East side of Madison

We aim to help you feel good, be strong, and move without pain. Purple Door Pilates aims to maximize your body's potential for movement, vitality, and comfort.

We don't believe there is such a thing as a Pilates body. We aren't selling the trope of long, lean bodies. It is essential to understand that humans can not change the length of their muscles.

Pilates is not a look, although you'll see it sold as such in most marketing. It is a mind-body movement system that increases vigor, stamina, well being and garners skillful control of our bodies in everyday life. 

What our clients say

I cherish this studio! Caroline and her teachers are top quality and keep class personalized, informative and challenging. It is a small group sized in a cozy space with beautiful equipment. Come here if you want to learn classical pilates and more about improving your body and health!

-Jen C


We aim to offer our clients a regular movement practice while creating an inclusive Pilates community. Pilates practice with us provides multiple benefits, including; improved posture, reduction of chronic pain, a more muscular body composition, increased stamina, better body literacy, injury prevention, and more confidence and competency in other athletic endeavors. We train elite athletes and self-professed couch potatoes and can quickly honor all limitations. 


One Class: $35

A single class with a group of up to 5 people. Newcomers will only have classes of 4.

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Private Lesson: $75-$90

A lesson just for you! Pricing dependent on instructor and package purchased.

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10 Class Package: $300

A package of 10 group classes. Each class will have up to 5 people.

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Duets: $42-$50 Per Person

A lesson for two. Pricing dependent on instructor and package purchased.


Newcomer Package: $75

A special price on 3 group classes for newcomers.

Book a Class Today 

How to Book on Website:

Step 1: Login or sign up (click the top left corner of the scheduling section below) and fill out a registration form

Step 2: Choose your preferred class in the schedule below

Step 3: Purchase a class or package!

How to Book on Our App:

Step 1: Download our app on Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iPhone)



Step 2: Login or sign up and fill out the registration form

Step 3: Pick a class or package and purchase!

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Contact Us

Our studio is located on the first floor of an older building. If you are a wheelchair user, please contact us so that we can accommodate your needs. 

If you know of or offer any services that can help us improve, please let us know. 

Studio Location

807 E Johnson St

Madison, WI 53703

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