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Upcoming Workshops

FitCore™️ Peak Pilates 

Sunday, January 29th, 2-4 pm
807 E Johnson St Madison, WI 53703

Join us for a special sneak "Peak" master class. Free to all Pilates enthusiasts and instructors!

FitCore™️ gets the heart pumping while moving safely from the core, combining Pilates mat, Reformer, and chair in a choreographed flow.


We'll finish the workout with a preview of the Peak Pilates comprehensive formula.


Peak Pilates comprehensive teacher training starts here this Spring!

Past Workshops

Workshop with Darien Gold

Sunday, Oct 23rd, 1-4 pm

807 E Johnson St Madison, WI 53703

-Deepen your technique and finesse your transitions

-Learn the links between the mat and the apparatus

-Experience Darien’s unique cueing and her 'Gold Specials'

For questions or to book a private lesson, please call Darien: 

(310) 701-4653 or email:


Please note: Space is limited to ten participants, so buy and book now.
A confirmation email will be sent to you.

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