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Why the name Purple Door Pilates?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

*Fun fact- I'm not a big fan of the color itself!

When we moved into 807 E Johnson St, the space was entered through an antique wooden door painted light purple. I had been led to the space, though it wasn't officially on the market, and was going with the auspicious flow when, once home, I googled the meaning behind a purple door.

I knew immediately it would be our new name. Remember that the meaning of a purple door will vary according to personal beliefs and cultural contexts. Still, the explanations I found were everything I envisioned our business's new location to be: A purple front door is a symbol of a prosperous life. Interestingly, this is not necessarily a symbol of monetary wealth ( I LOLed) but a richness in knowledge, quality of life, and well-being. It symbolizes an entrance to a sacred space where, once inside, one can find increased health, good friendships, and a connection to our inner wisdom. There is also an Old Wives tale that a purple door is the entrance to a witch's house, and in my 23 years of teaching the practice, I've come to believe that Pilates is like magic for the right person at the right time! Sadly, the door of our namesake was removed last December during a building remodel, (brrrr!), but we're creative and made our non-paintable metal door purple again this spring. I look forward to opening our purple door for all you are and will grow to be!


Caroline and Zoey



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