Drawing on over 20 years of teaching experience, we provide integrated movement solutions, whether for a reluctant exerciser or a long-time athlete.  Regular Pilates practice offers multiple benefits including; improved posture, reduction of chronic pain, a more muscular body composition, increased stamina, better body literacy, injury prevention, and more confidence and competency in other athletic endeavors. We offer energizing workouts rooted in the classical Pilates method. Outside of group class, we aid those with biomechanical pain and work with special conditions, including but not limited to; osteoporosis, spinal disk issues, scoliosis, post-physical therapy rehabilitation, and safe pre and post-natal exercise. Our studio is private and tranquil. A place to build strength, endurance, and peace of mind.

Pilates is comparable to a close friendship; supporting your foundation while consistently challenging you to strengthen and stretch into an enriched and improved capability.  

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Caroline Holden

Founder and Executive Director

I took my first Pilates class in 1994 and I "didn't get it".  Why did I need to stabilize my pelvis while moving my leg? How on earth would creating circles on the ceiling with my foot create core strength? This initial frustration continues to inspire my teaching.  I aim to give patient and kind instruction that honors personal structure. I also make sure to laugh. Moving is play; something we all need. 

I was introduced to Pilates at a high school for dance, but my passion for the method came much later while being certified by second-generation instructor Michele Larson. I've worked in Contemporary and Classical studios; and in both settings, I grew a love and value for different approaches and all Pilates lineages.

After teaching for various studios throughout my 20's and 30's, I opened my own studio in Madison, WI, in 2014.  Outside my studio work, I love to travel. I guest instructed Yoga and Pilates classes at Santani Resort and Spa in Sri Lanka and recently instructed for Florblanca Pilates in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Things that inform my teaching include Yoga practice (RYT certified),  ortho-bionomy and bodywork mentorship, and a current course of study toward Master Trainer status with The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO. 

I am trauma-informed and I aim to make everyone feel welcome and safe.




Pilates Instructor

I was born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin but moved to Chicago as a child. I attended an Arts High School in Chicago for dance and double majored in Dance and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I love movement, especially Yoga, biking, running, dancing, and Pilates (of course)! Additionally, I’m passionate about holistic health and wellness, social justice, and fashion. I found Pilates and completed teaching certification through the UW-Madison certificate program under Collette Stewart.


I strive to spread the transformative property of joyful informed movement to all my clients. I hope to share all of the fantastic things that Pilates provides for me through not only teaching Pilates exercises but leading clients through an intellectual and somatic experience. I aim to leave them with a clearer mind, a stronger more aware body, and an empowered spirit. I am young and energetic and extremely excited to further my Pilates career while continuing to dig even deeper into the practice.

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Lo Lynch

Pilates Instructor

Having recently completed a Pilates certificate at UW-Madison under the direction of Collette Stewart and Liz Sexe, along with completing my first year as a dance teacher at Studio Dansu, I am very excited to begin my professional Pilates teaching journey. As a teacher, I lead with love. I firmly believe that the body is to be respected and appreciated, and I will always do my best to support my students' growth in this way.


I hope that my students leave sessions feeling strong and feeling more entuned with their minds and bodies. I believe that the mechanics of the Pilates equipment is artful in the way that it supports, mimics, and challenges the human anatomy. I have always had both a mechanical and creative brain which makes Pilates a playground for me.

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Substitute Instructor

You could say my fitness journey started in the womb. I was along for the ride while my mother taught step aerobics throughout her pregnancy. Fitness is in my genes, in my blood, and has been the one constant for most of my life. I grew up in the studios and gyms my mom owned and learned to appreciate the benefits movement gives to mind and body from an early age. I started my own teaching journey in college and began teaching various fitness classes at the University of California Santa Barbara and then at three different gyms in my hometown of Crested Butte, CO.  For three years, I trained exclusively under the fitness “guru” Paul DelVecchio in his gym “Dragon Gym” in Almont, CO.  Through his training, I am now one of just a few people in the world certified to use his exercises and patented techniques to train elite and professional athletes. 


In 2019 I was introduced to the Pilates apparatus and immediately fell in love. I knew with certainty this was the path my career needed to take, and it wasn't a question of "if" I was going to be a Pilates instructor but "when." Pilates is a culmination of everything that I love about fitness and has greatly helped me past my own physical hurdles. I was given the gift and opportunity of a scholarship to attend the Club Pilates Teacher Trainer program, which I completed in 2020. In 2021 I became a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher through the Pilates Method Alliance. I also hold two certifications through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in Personal Training and Group Exercise. I love exploring classical and contemporary methods of Pilates by taking weekly classes and private sessions. I aim to create empowering exercise experiences through group classes and private sessions. I strive to give clients confidence in their bodies so that they can move with ease and freedom as they navigate life.



Pilates Instructor

I stumbled into Pilates accidentally during my freshman year of college, finding myself unexpectedly intrigued with the practice. I found love in the way that the functional movement challenged me, and I found solace in the connection that I was able to find between my mind and body. I completed the Pilates Certificate program under the instruction of Collette Stewart and Liz Sexe. In addition to my Pilates Certificate, I recently completed a 200-Hour yoga certification. My experience is short but diverse: I’ve taught both mat and equipment Pilates at different studios around Madison, worked as a private yoga instructor for students with disabilities at UW Madison, and instructed ballroom dance for seniors to help improve their balance. Outside of somatic movement, I spend my free time riding bikes, reading books, going for walks, cooking delicious meals, and cherishing the people in my life.

I believe that instruction happens through play, self-discovery, mindfulness, and agency, and I plan on utilizing these traits in every class. I’m excited to join the Purple Door team not only as an instructor but as a lifelong student of the practice.

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Studio Greeter

I am five.