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We aim to offer our clients a regular movement practice while creating an inclusive Pilates community. Pilates practice with us provides multiple benefits, including; improved posture, reduction of chronic pain, a more muscular body composition, increased stamina, better body literacy, injury prevention, and more confidence and competency in other athletic endeavors. We train elite athletes and self-professed couch potatoes and can quickly honor all limitations. 

Classical Pilates shines as a thoughtful teaching system designed to move the body through dynamic movements. The sequence of the movements we teach builds intelligently with foundational exercises at the beginning and more complex exercises as you gain strength and control. This sets you up for success with every new exercise offered. The transitions between exercises are exercises in themselves, and it is a fun challenge to keep the work when on a reformer or mat, one seamless, continuous flow. It’s fluid and efficient. Classical Pilates is dynamic and flowing, and you sweat! While we believe in a strong classical foundation, we honor biomechanics, creativity, current movement science discoveries, and our client's individuality. Not everyone has to do every Pilates exercise. There are over 500!


Outside of group class, we aid those with biomechanical pain and work with special conditions, including but not limited to; osteoporosis, spinal disk issues of all kinds, scoliosis, post-physical therapy rehabilitation including major surgeries, and safe pre and post-natal exercise. Our studio is private and tranquil—a place to build strength, endurance, and peace of mind.  

Purple Door Pilates continues to innovate, and continuing education is requisite for our team. 

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Caroline Holden


Founder, Executive Director, and Instructor

I was introduced to Pilates while attending high school for dance at North Carolina School for the Arts in 1994. Still, my passion for the method came much later while being certified by second-generation instructor Michele Larson. I've worked and studied in Contemporary and Classical studios, and in both settings, I grew a love and value for different approaches and all Pilates lineages. I teach and learn with a yes and approach. 

After teaching dance, Yoga, and Pilates for various studios throughout my 20's and 30's, I opened my studio in Madison, WI, in 2014.  Outside of my studio work, I love to travel. Attempting to marry my two passions, I instructed Yoga and Pilates classes at Santani Resort and Spa in Sri Lanka. I recently was a guest instructor for six weeks at Florblanca Pilates in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.


I aim to give clear, patient, and kind instructions. Together, we will work hard but stay light-hearted. Moving is play, something we all need.  Physical therapy clinic referrals are a good portion of my clientele. I take my work seriously, but I value finding joy and ease within the movement profession.

I am 200 hr RYT certified and regularly partake in ortho-bionomy, bodywork, Yoga Nidra, and personal Pilates practice. I am nearing the end of my current course of study in a three-year Master Trainer certification with The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO. 


I aim to make everyone who enters our studio feel welcome and safe. The feedback often given to me is: I am weird and very patient, in that order.



Studio Manager + Pilates Instructor

I was born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin but moved to Chicago as a child. I attended an Arts High School in Chicago for dance and double majored in Dance and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I love movement, especially Yoga, biking, running, dancing, and Pilates (of course)! Additionally, I’m passionate about holistic health and wellness, social justice, and fashion. I found Pilates and completed teaching certification through the UW-Madison certificate program under Collette Stewart.


I strive to spread the transformative property of joyful informed movement to all my clients. I hope to share all of the fantastic things that Pilates provides for me through not only teaching Pilates exercises but leading clients through an intellectual and somatic experience. I aim to leave them with a clearer mind, a stronger more aware body, and an empowered spirit. I am young and energetic and extremely excited to further my Pilates career while continuing to dig even deeper into the practice.

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New Chapters

 Lo and Natalie are moving to NYC!

A few parting words from Natalie-

"My time as an instructor at Purple Door Pilates was foundational for my Pilates career. I learned much from continuing education offerings and observing the owner and co-workers. This enabled me to meet and learn from new clients with differing goals.


The community aspect of Purple Door Pilates is special and different from my past experiences in the industry. It helped foster the ideas of exploration, playfulness, and safety within the method, which I will carry forward. I loved my time at PDP and working with Caroline, and I will always call this place my home... I couldn't recommend a better studio to work for."

If you are interested in being a Pilates instructor at Purple Door, please send a brief resume to



Studio Greeter

I am six. 


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